We love a sunburnt country: Australia Day at Room with Roses.

Australia Day – it’s a fabulous opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the marvellous inventions that have spurred on our way of living. From Vegemite to the Hills Hoist, there’s simply no end to the wonderful (and weird) creations that bloom under the Australian sun. So with the January 26th looming on the horizon we thought we would take the opportunity to explore the history of some of the very best Australian afternoon sweet treats.

Pavlova: Though its origin is a minor bone of contention amongst Australians and New Zealanders alike, this mainstay of Australian culture has proven its mettle time and again at every holiday celebration. Consisting of a crisp meringue base slathered with rich thickened cream and adorned with layers of fresh seasonal fruit, this delightful dish has been gracing our tables since 1926 and shows no signs of slowing down. We’ll take two slices please.

Lamington: Named for Lord Lamington, the former governor of Queensland this delightful take on the traditional sponge cake is a sure fire hit amongst young and old. Traditionally made with a square of vanilla sponge spread with chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut, afternoon tea on a sunny Queensland afternoon just wouldn’t be the same without this quintessential delicacy. 

Anzac Biscuit: Crispy, sweet and always welcome at a tea party, ANZAC biscuits are famous for their association with the Australian New Zealand Army Corps. Made from good quality rolled oats, golden syrup and butter, these crunchy sweet treats have been an integral part of Australian culture since World War I.

Fairy Bread: Take a trip back to the glory days of children’s parties and long afternoons lazing in the shade with every Australian’s favourite guilty pleasure. Who knew that putting together fresh bread, butter and a sprinkle of hundreds and thousands you could end up with one of the most magically enduring pieces of Australian iconography.

Has our walk down memory lane left you with a taste for more?

Join us for a culinary tribute to all things Down Under with a very special two and three course celebration, exclusive to Room with Roses.

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