Remember Marie Antoinette? The French Queen who bankrupted France in order to buy herself lavish shoes and decadent desserts?  In thanks to her, France now celebrate Bastille Day, or rather La Fete Nationale!  Every year, on the 14th of July the French pay tribute to the beginning of the French revolution and the Storming of the Bastille, which Marie Antoinette and King Louise XVI fled, leaving the fortress to be pillaged and burned.

It’s no secret we love the distinctive and sweet French cuisine. The fluffy baguettes, decadent butter, pastries stuffed with sweet cream and array of chocolate creations aside almost bring a tear of happiness to the eye. However on this day, the French celebrate with a more humble food revolution. Picture a rich onion soup as an entree, roast lamb and haricot beans for the main, and finish with a smooth chocolate souffle.

The French typically celebrate this day with a parade in Paris from the Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe, a large monument that honors those who died while fighting during the French Revolution. In addition to the Military Parade, the French celebrate with picnics, dances, music, fireworks, food and street celebrations.

This year, we want to join in on the celebration and pay tribute to the France we know and love.  We have a whole week of Bastille Day festivities planned with a french inspired menu. So dress in your fanciest beret and meet us at Room with Roses from Monday 11th July – Saturday 16th July to dabble in a bit of French culture.

Enjoy 2 courses for $39 (or order separately)

Main Course $29

Seafood Bouillabaise, seafood in an aromatic tomato broth, served with sliced baguette

(Gluten Free option available)

Tarragon Chicken Pie, chicken breast in a creamy tarragon sauce, with potato gratin & side salad

Dessert $14

Apple Galette, layers of pastry topped with glazed apple, served with Chantilly cream and berries

Crepe Suzette, light crepes with our classic orange and Cointreau sauce, ice cream and berries

(Gluten Free)

To secure your spot, simply call 3229 7050.