The Origins of Traditional Australia Day Food


Four Iconic Australian Foods to Celebrate This Australia Day

Among the many things there are to celebrate this Australia Day, one of the most enduring expressions of patriotism is the enjoyment of some delicious and traditional Australian fare. As a relatively young country our food history is surprisingly rich, with many iconic options that remain favourites to this day. Here are four of our greatest culinary achievements that make up the perfect menu for a uniquely Australian celebration.  


One of the earliest examples of an Australian culinary creation, damper was originally made by stockmen on their long, cross country journeys from the basic rations they were able to carry. Traditionally cooked in the coals of a campfire, damper remains a favourite among modern Australians for its simplicity and ability to pair with almost any accompaniment.  


Australia rode on the sheep’s back into 20th century prosperity and remains to this day the second biggest producer of lamb in the world. With such a long and prosperous history as a sheep rearing country, is it any wonder that lamb has become such an Australian institution? A consistent fixture on Australia Day menus, this versatile and delicious meat reflects both modern Australia and its years gone by.  


Lamingtons are perhaps our most iconic Australian creation, having originated right here in Brisbane in the late nineteenth century. While the classic combination of chocolate, coconut and cream is hard to beat, the lamington is now being created in a variety of flavours including lemon and raspberry, making it an unbeatable treat for any Australia Day celebration.


Although it may be named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, there’s no denying that this dessert is a true Australian icon. While the debate continues between Australia and New Zealand as to where the pavlova truly originated, Australian families continue to enjoy this delicious dessert at any opportunity, as they have done since the 1920’s.  

Need a fix of these classic treats outside Australia Day? We’ll be closed on the 26th, but serving our annual Australia Day themed lunch menu for the rest of the week from January 25 to 31. Bring along your family and friends for an celebration of great Australian food at Brisbane’s favourite destination.