Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue in Brisbane

Deciding between an outdoor wedding and an indoor wedding can be tricky business. There’s so much to consider to ensure your special day is absolutely fabulous. Many dream of a wedding in a gorgeous cathedral complete with stained glass windows and soaring arches. Others dream of a barefoot beach wedding in an idyllic location. But as the dream becomes reality, there are a few more thing to consider. Here are the pros and cons of outdoor and indoor weddings.


Pro – If it happens to rain, your guests will be safe and dry and all of the hard work you have put in won’t be soaked in a five minute down pour.

Cons – Most old churches and cathedrals aren’t air-conditioned, meaning they can be quite unpleasant in the middle of summer. There’s nothing worse than sweating in your glamorous wedding dress!


Pro – Whether you’re saying your vows under a 200-year-old fig tree or marching down the aisle on a secluded beach, one thing is for sure: if the sky is clear it’s bound to be a stunning, memorable day!

Con – The biggest con for an outdoor wedding is the dreaded weather. When plans are in place months in advance, it’s almost impossible to predict sudden heat waves, down pours and windy days.

If an indoor wedding is more your forte, but a cathedral just isn’t to your taste, host your wedding in an equally fabulous venue. At Room with Roses, we have three stunning rooms to for you to make plenty of special moments on your special day. We also have an array of delicious menus for your guests to enjoy. Check out the menus here.