St Patrick’s Day Celebration

St. Patrick was an all-round good guy. He wasn’t actually Irish, but pay no mind to that, because this Roman man well and truly earned his place as an Irishman. He truly was a revered patron saint of Ireland in his day. He even drove snakes out of Ireland, which wasn’t as dangerous as it sounds as he simply converted pagans to Christians. No deadly snake bites there!

St. Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s absolute favourite national holiday and being the spectacular multicultural country that we are, Australian’s readily celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with other Australians and Irishmen alike side by side with a pint of Guinness in each hand.

Don your green and find a leprechaun with a pot of gold in hand because from March 16th-21st we’re celebrating all things Irish with a very special St Paddy’s Day menu. Though many associate the day with downing glasses of their infamous Guinness, we’re choosing to celebrate the best of Irish cuisine with great company!

We’ve whipped up a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day menu full of traditional Irish inspired dishes, sure to put some craic into your St Patrick’s Day:

  • Our own corned beef with colcannon, steamed greens and creamy dijon mustard white sauce (gluten free)
  • Irish lamb stew with traditional Irish soda bread and butter
  • Irish cream and dark chocolate mousse cake with chantilly cream and berries (gluten free)
  • Apple & cider cake with toffee sauce served warm with ice cream and berries

You can dig your cutlery into this very special St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Menu from March 16th – March 21st. You can taste two exceptional courses (your choice of one tasty main and one delicious dessert) for $39 or order separately.

Bookings are recommended for this special event. To book, call (07) 3229 7050. We look forward to celebrating with you!