Nostalgia month: Revisit the 50s and 60s

Nostalgia can be a beautiful thing. Whether you’re flipping through an old family album, poring over love letters from way back when, or listening to songs that transport you to decades long since ended, it’s nice to occasionally look back and appreciate.

Over Nostalgia Month, we’re sending a throwback to simpler times and food trends that have spent recent years hidden away in memories. Each week in August will be dedicated to a different decade, filled with classics from days gone by.

50s week: Monday 1 – Saturday 6 August

The 50s saw lemon meringue pies perched on window sills and parties packed with shaped jelly molds and mum’s famous onion dip. Baked Alaska was a sure-fire way to end dinner with a bang, and aprons would be smudged after a single day’s hard work in the kitchen. Days were longer back then, and meals were spent at grandma’s table eating far too much of everything on offer.

2 courses for $39 (or order separately)

Main Course – $29

Home cooked corned beef

with all the trimmings – new potatoes, parsnip and carrot mash and braised cabbage with a creamy mustard white sauce (GF option available)

Parmesan and rosemary crusted lamb cutlets

with potato gratin, steamed greens & mint jus

Dessert – $14

Golden syrup pudding

comforting warm steamed pudding with sticky golden syrup, served with ice cream

Lemon meringue pie

our own lemon curd made to Vicki’s mother’s recipe topped with meringue, served with Chantilly cream and berries (GF)

60s week: Monday 8 – Saturday 13 August

The rockin’ 60s invaded with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll and special moments in the world. The Rolling Stones rolled in to town, and morning milk deliveries were a daily ritual. Days were spent around the black and white tv and family meals consisted of hearty serves of beef stroganoff (and the occasional prawn cocktail). At Room with Roses, you’ll dine on vol au vents, ham hock and cheese croquettes, chocolate sauce puddings, and baked custard tarts.

2 courses for $39 (or order separately)

Main course – $29

Vol au vent

filled with a creamy chicken, asparagus and cream mornay served with steamed mixed vegetables (GF option available)

Ham hock and cheese croquettes

served on a bed of pureed corn with side salad

Dessert – $14

Chocolate sauce pudding

served warm with ice cream and berries

Baked custard tart

a rich egg custard tart served with Chantilly cream and berries

Send wistful thoughts back to the 50s and 60s with our special Nostalgia Month menus.

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