10 Fabulous Facts About Eleanora Brisbane

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10 Fabulous Facts About Eleanora Brisbane

Here at Room with Roses we’re passionate Brisbanites, so it’s no surprise we were thrilled when we acquired an 18th century portrait of the lovely Eleanora Brisbane. While the mother of our city’s namesake, Sir Thomas Brisbane, led a relatively private life, we’re celebrating the new addition to our tea room by sharing ten fabulous facts about the lady herself.

  1. Eleanora was born into an aristocratic family in 1741 at Lambert, Stirling.
  2. Eleanora’s paternal family shared a common ancestor with Robert the Bruce, who was King of Scotland from 1306 to 1329.
  3. In 1771 Eleanora married Thomas Brisbane of Largs, Scotland. It is believed that this marriage was actually a love match too, which was relatively uncommon for her time.
  4. Upon her marriage Eleanora moved to the grand Brisbane House, her husband’s family estate situated in his hometown of Largs.
  5. Two years after marrying, Eleanora gave birth to her first child, Thomas Brisbane, who would later become the namesake of our lovely city.
  6. Eleanora also gave birth to a second son, Michael, and a daughter, Mary. While not a lot is known about Mary, Michael was a writer for the East India Company in Bombay, but sadly died in 1802 at age 25.
  7. While birth records show Eleanora was her proper name, Dame Brisbane was referred to simply as Eleanor in various books and documents.
  8. Eleanora’s husband passed away in 1812 after 41 years of marriage. It is believed that Eleanora began living with her daughter Mary following her husband’s passing, as the two were quite close.
  9. Eleanora passed away in 1823 at the age of 82, shortly before the discovery of the soon-to-be Brisbane River. She unfortunately did not live to see our city named after her well-respected son.
  10. Eleanora was laid to rest in the picturesque St Mary’s Churchyard, Bathwick, England. Her daughter Mary was also laid to rest beside her when she passed away in 1855.

While in depth details of Eleanora’s life are scarce, what we do know paints a picture of a strong woman who was an integral part to the story of our city. We’re very excited to be welcoming her and this history to Room with Roses, so why not come and join us for a spot of Eleanora-approved high tea and some portrait gazing too?

For more information on Eleanora Brisbane and her family please visit www.mostbrisbane.com