10 Gift Ideas for Secretaries Day



April 27, 2016 marks Secretaries Day, a time to celebrate the hard work of the administrative professionals in our lives. They are the backbone of many great businesses and have been recognised for their roles since the early 1950s, when Secretaries Day originated. Carry on this tradition and make sure the administrative professionals in your life, whether colleagues or friends, know how much their work is appreciated with Room with Roses’ top 10 gift ideas for this Secretaries Day.


  1. Lunch at Room with Roses

Bring along the administrative professionals in your life to our elegant Brisbane Arcade location for a fitting celebration, with our heritage listed tea room as your setting and delicious lunch and high tea options that express your appreciation.

  1. Give a card

Whether funny or more heartfelt, a card is a simple but meaningful reminder of your appreciation and support, not just on Secretaries Day, but all year long.

  1. A beautiful bouquet

Much like a card, flowers are almost always an appreciated gesture, especially when they can brighten up a desk for days after the main celebrations.

  1. A Room with Roses gift voucher

Include this with a card of a bunch of flowers, or present it on its own in all its glory. Whichever you choose, a Room with Roses gift card is a wonderful way to give a more experiential gift.

  1. Something more personal

For those who know the administrative professionals in their life well, skip the generalities and give a more personalised gift. Whether they have a penchant for a certain author, an interest in a unique hobby or even a well documented sweet-tooth, nothing says appreciation like something personal.

  1. Something practical

For those who are celebrated on Secretaries Day, their time is often filled with notes and reminders that help keep everything running smoothly. Why not give a beautifully practical gift in the form of personalised stationery such as pens, notebooks or calendars?

  1. A Room with Roses gift hamper

Filled with homemade jams and refreshing tea, a gift hamper gives something to enjoy on the day of and into the future. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Something delicious

For those with an appreciation for the finer things in life, a bottle of a favourite beverage or box of chocolates will be sure to please for as long as they last.

  1. Something quirky

For those who enjoy coffee, a funny or personalised mug can bring a little joy to every morning. For those with a busy mind, a funny or entertaining desk ornament can provide a moment of laughter as needed. Whatever it may be, a gift with a difference is always entertaining.

  1. Room with Roses high tea hamper

If there’s one way to truly treat your secretary, it’s a Room with Roses high tea hamper. Filled with delectable cakes and sandwiches, and topped off with a truly celebratory bottle of sparkling wine, this is one gift that epitomises appreciation.


With plenty of options now at your fingertips, make the most of Secretaries Day this year and celebrate the administrative professionals in your life. With their hard work many more things become possible, and for this they truly deserve this day of thanks.