Nostalgia Month Continues: 70s & 80s

The month of August has taken us back in time through the 50’s and 60’s, with menus full of favourites from another time. Whilst the first two weeks of August have flown by on our palates, we’re approaching the 70’s and 80’s with fond memories on the tip of our tongues.
The 70’s were a time for the now-rare drive-in movie theatre, and had us falling in love with bands such as The Jackson 5 and The Bee Gees as we watched them rise to popularity. But music wasn’t the only thing that was popular in the 70’s – there are a number of dishes that stood out to us too. To celebrate, we’ve brought back a few of your favourites, such as an eye fillet steak with tangy Dianne sauce and the decadent strawberries romanoff. This special menu will be available from the 17th to 22nd of August.

Last but certainly not least is the 1980’s. While we’re happy to leave behind tightly permed hair and platform thongs, we’re more than happy to remember the dishes of the era gone past. Think of crispy beef and burgundy pies and smooth chocolate mousse, to name just a few classics on our menu for 80’s week, available from the 25th to 30th August.

So whether you’re eager to reminisce over the 70’s, or you’re already dreaming about the nostalgic delights of the 80’s, pop into Room with Roses for the final two weeks of our Nostalgia Month celebrations.

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