On July 14th, France celebrates the La Fete Nationale – or Bastille Day as we know it. Every year the French commemorate the beginning of the French revolution and the storming of Bastille with celebrations held all across France.

The French celebrate this great day with military parades, lavish lunches, and an evening of great company and even better fireworks. Picnics are also common in some French regions, while a long lunch in a restaurant with close company and plentiful wine is most common in cities such as our own.

When we think of French cuisine, sweet pastries, crusty baguettes and smooth butter spring to mind. However, the typical La Fete Nationale menu is generally lighter than the decadent butter and cream filled creations typical to other French holidays, and the beginning course is often served cold.

This year we’re paying tribute to this exquisite nation with a whole week of Bastille Day festivities of our own! Don your beret and pop into Room with Roses from Monday 13th July – Saturday 18th July to sample our French-inspired menu.

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