Welcome to Greek Week

Join us for our Greek themed menu, available from 18th May – 23rd May, as we explore the Mediterranean nation that brought us souvlaki and honey puffs. When we think of Greece, we picture ourselves enjoying dishes filled with olives, feta and succulent lamb whilst relaxing on one of the many secluded islands.

Greek cuisine is indulgent, flavoursome and allows the ingredients to speak for themselves. Typically, the traditional dishes are built on influences from the surrounding countries, from Turkey to Persia. It all begins with olives, bread and plenty of olive oil – a staple in any Greek diet. Cheese, such as feta, is perfectly matched with the flavours of olives and crisp bread to make a platter perfect for grazing on as the sun dips below the white rooftops on the Cycladic islands.

Seafood is a major component to traditional Greek dishes as the sea surrounds the countless islands. Dishes featuring grilled fish and octopus are a Greek staple, as is succulent lamb – ideal for souvlaki. And of course, no true Greek feast would be complete without a honey-drenched dessert. From baklava to honey puffs, the Greek adore plenty of sweet flavours in their desserts.

Explore this fabulous nation during our Greek Week, Monday 18th May – Saturday 23rd May. To tantalise your tastebuds with the traditional flavours of Greek cuisine, simply call 3229 7050 to secure your spot. You can even pick up some of our own marinated fetta, perfect for topping your salads or a gift for a foodie friend.